The Los Angeles Pink Dragons are honored and grateful for our partnerships with local businesses who support our mission and provide vital funding to offset our operating costs.

For information on sponsoring the Los Angeles Pink Dragons, email the Sponsorship Committee.


Five thousand THANK YOUs to Harbor Chevrolet for sponsoring the team in 2014. This community-minded spirit is a big reason why teams like the Los Angeles Pink Dragons are able to grow and thrive.


Lookin’ cool in our Oakleys! Many thanks to Oakley for donating 40 pairs of their breast cancer edition sports glasses for our 2015 season.



Generous donations from our families, friends, neighbors, and co-workers enable the Los Angeles Pink Dragons to continue to improve our performance as a team and as individuals, to reach out to encourage other breast cancer survivors to join us, and to support the growth of our membership.

Here are just a few of the many donors and sponsors who provided financial support to the Los Angeles Pink Dragons in the past year.

Sandy C., Founder of Today’s Mastectomy, for her generous sponsorship of the team’s new website in 2015.

Pacific Western Bank

Torrance Elementary School, in memory of Captain Chris Vitti.

Artful Thinking, Long Beach

Barbara Morales

Samantha Siegel

Spilo Worldwide

Phillips Family Trust