Meet the Team

Anna G.

Paddler since: 2014


Bernie C.



Carla C.

Survivor since: 1997

Paddler since: 2015

A fellow paddler had been telling me about the team for a few years now. I always thought that my job and volunteer commitments didn’t leave room for much else. Boy, am I glad I decided to give it a try! Not only is it a great way to stay in shape, but my “Pink Sisters” are amazing, inspirational women and I look forward to our time together each and every week. We are there for each other – one team, one paddle!

Carol K.

Survivor since: 2008

Paddler since: 2009


Carol T.

Survivor since: 2013

Paddler since: 2014

The LA Pink Dragons are amazing. I met Kelly at a VW car show and I am so blessed to have met many wonderful women on the team. I am also blessed to have met Valerie through the LA Pink Dragons. We joined about the same time and us newbies have to stick together. I am so happy to be a part of this amazing team of Survivors!!

Char C

Char C.

Survivor since: 2006

Paddler since: 2007

 I  am very lucky and proud to have found this special group of strong women with a special purpose.  We LIVE TO PADDLE AND PADDLE TO LIVE.

Cheryl S.

Survivor since: 2005 and 2006

Paddler since: 2007


Cindy K.

Survivor since: 2003 and 2007

Paddler since: 2015

One day of guest paddling and I was hooked. The welcome of everyone was warm and inviting and the flexibility of paddling whenever I can, sealed the deal! As a 2 time BC survivor, being with like-minded, strong women is good for the mind, body & soul.











Diana B.

Survivor since: 2009

Paddler since: 2012

The love and friendship with my teammates is immeasurable.  We are sisters that have shared a bond that does not need to be spoken, but it is understood.  The physical act of paddling is challenging and hard, but the emotional part is valuable beyond words.

Diana G.

Survivor since: 2011

Paddler since: 2011

There is something about paddling that makes me want to do it.  A spirit inside me that is burning as if fueled by the fire spawned by the dragon’s mouth.  A spirit to beat this cancer, to fight, survive and thrive, to compete in dragon boat races and enjoy each other’s company and camaraderie. This to me is the essence of PINK sisterhood.

My Story

Janelle L.

Paddler since: 2015


Kathy O.

Survivor since: 1995

Paddler since: 2006

There is tremendous camaraderie in working towards an achievable goal with “sisters” working on another goal.

Kelly S.

Survivor since: 2012

Paddler since: 2013

I paddle to prove that you can still be active in sports after Cancer, to honor every woman affected by Breast Cancer, and because God allows me to.

I love my team. They mean everything to me. They are my sisters. We have bonded and became family. We all have so many things in common but mostly that we have beaten the beast and will never give up the fight.

Kimberly O.

Survivor since: 2016

Paddler since: 2018

The LA Pink Dragon is comprised of different generations of survivors. They come from all parts of LA. There is no discrimination. The only common thread is that we are all breast cancer survivors. We come together as a team to do our best.

Lindsey D.

Survivor since: 2013

Paddler since: 2014

My friend said, “I believe that for all negative things, God has a positive answer-we just need to find it.” Well Laurie, I believe I have found my positive answer in being on the water in a dragon boat with amazing women who are all survivors.”

Lynn D.

Paddler since:2006


Martha D.Paddler since: 2016

Aloha! I really joined LAPD for the exercise and to challenge myself to do something so out of my comfort zone. And actually the exercise part has been great, and I’m probably in better shape than I have been in a long time. But the race on Sunday, April 24, was something else. It was exciting to watch the races, to see how enthusiastic the team was even against all odds of being the only all female team. You ladies are WARRIORS in PINK! And, of course, it’s true…no matter what…we are all sisters…family!

Nada K.  

Survivor since: 1999

Paddler since: 2007

Nancy W.

Paddler since: 2009

Reri P.

Survivor since: 2007

Paddler since: 2011

Dragon boat racing is healing, invigorating and allows me to express who I am. As a team we race competitively but individually we give our personal best. We race because we can. Putting your heart and soul into something you believe in creates a passion that may not always equate into gold, silver or bronze.

My Story

Sharon P.

Survivor since: 1997 and 2015

Paddler since: 2010

My Pink sisters just “get me”. A simple hug lets me know that they understand. There does not have to be any spoken words. Nothing soothes my soul quite as much as climbing into that Dragon Boat with my sisters and gliding onto the water with renewed strength, vision and determination. We are warriors.

My Story

Shirley S.

Paddler since: 2004

Suzanne N.

Survivor since:2006

Paddler since: 2010

Tana N.

Paddler since: 2012


Paddler since: 2003

Valerie H.

Survivor since: 2013

Paddler since: 2014

I enjoy spending time on the water with a great group of strong, fun loving and dedicated women.

Yvonne C.

Survivor since: 1994 and 2007

Paddler since: 2010

Being a Los Angeles Pink Dragon has been very rewarding. There is no support like from those who have been there and done that. When in a boat we race for the finish line. Outside the boat, we race to be fit and stay fit.