Steering Committee

A steering committee, comprised of volunteers, performs the functions of governance, financial responsibility, team leadership and development, and management of the Los Angeles Pink Dragons. Not to be confused with steers (those dedicated paddlers who train and become certified to safely steer our boats so we can practice and race), the Steering Committee is an administrative and leadership team. New members of the Steering Committee are selected by the sitting committee members and endorsed by a majority vote from the team.

The Steering Committee meets the first Saturday of each month (subject to change). Members serve a minimum of one year and may serve as long as they are a contributing member and receive a majority approval vote.


Serve on a Subcommittee
Running our team is a fun but complex task. There are numerous subcommittees operating under the team’s Steering Committee. Paddlers are welcomed and encouraged to serve on subcommittees. Just like in the boat, we all need to paddle together and pull our weight to make the team successful. Doing that means taking care of everything from food to fundraising, race management to rocking a big community event like the Rose Parade!