3rd Jun 2017

Ongoing Los Angeles Pink Dragons Fundraisers

The Pinks can earn money by doing what we all normally do — shop and eat out — at no extra cost!  Benefit Mobile & eScrip are now up and running for our team to start raising money! We encourage you to enroll in these two programs. And don’t forget to have your family, friends, neighbors and all others that wish to support our team enroll as well–even if they live out of state.


#1) eScrip

Enroll now:   http://www.escrip.com  – IT’S FREE

Three parts to eScrip – Quick Reference:

eScrip Dinning:        http://escrip.rewardsnetwork.com

eScrip online Mall:    https://shopping.escrip.com/allstores/84111/alphaa

eScrip Merchants:     http://www.escrip.com/wheretoearn/merchantsearch.jsp


Security— With eScrip, you only register your credit card number… not security information like its expiration date or the card’s security code.  The credit card number is only used to track sales from its retailers so eScrip can send out the rebate earnings.

***NOTE:  Benefit Mobile is also partnering with eScrip. You’ll see links on the eScrip website that can take you directly to the Benefit Mobile website.

#2) Benefit Mobile

With Benefit you choose from over 100 digital gift cards to purchase on your smartphone using Benefit Mobile’s free app. You redeem these digital gift cards at the checkout counter or with online retailers.

Introduction video:                     https://vimeo.com/86339815

Download Benefit Mobile app:     https://www.benefit-mobile.com  — IT’S FREE

How to add a payment method:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e58aJCm4ms4


Benefit eGift Card Retailers  –  https://www.benefit-mobile.com/our-retailers


Security — Benefit uses PayPal to store your credit card information. Benefit does not store any account information on the app or their server. Additionally, Benefit stores all banking information with SynapsePay (which Banks use for online banking). This is if you also choose to sign up with your checking account to pay directly for your Digital Gift Cards and earn a higher rebate percentage.


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